Cycling the Transfagarasan

Seeking adventure and challenge, I left London in early 2019 hoping to cycle to Australia. What I didn’t expect was a global pandemic to derail that. I maintained the same positive outlook throughout and, while I’m still not back in Australia yet. The adventure continues.

I’m writing blog posts on my cycle tour from London to Tbilisi in retrospect. Posts cover everything from cycle touring tips to my thoughts and learnings along the way. Feel free to reach out.

Blog posts

An Unforgettable Thirty-First Birthday Cycling in Cappadocia 

Infamous Konya  For much of the bike trip I’d managed to keep my mum’s worries abated, but she had become increasingly concerned as a progressed further East. What was interesting was that now, I even had local Turkish people warning me to avoid Konya – full of religious extremists, they said.   It’s true, Konya is…

Turkish ‘Lakes District’, a Cold and the Sheep Market 

early October 2019 From Fethiye I start the gradual climb that leads onto the Anatolian plateau of Turkey (Geography nerd alert). It really wasn’t a big mountain pass but I was struggling today, I made it about ¾ of the way up and stopped at a roadside tea house for a break.   Since I really…

Fethiye and a Sharp Left

I skipped the Marmaris peninsula in favour of Fethiye, not sure why to be honest. I decided I couldn’t do both so I opted for Fethiye instead. It’s supposed to be a scenic area and a popular spot with hippie tourists. I did my usual local sightseeing around Fethiye, swam at the beach and found…

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