Cycling the Transfagarasan

Seeking adventure and challenge, I left London in early 2019 hoping to cycle to Australia. What I didn’t expect was a global pandemic to derail that. I maintained the same positive outlook throughout and, while I’m still not back in Australia yet. The adventure continues.

I’m writing blog posts on my cycle tour from London to Tbilisi in retrospect. Posts cover everything from cycle touring tips to my thoughts and learnings along the way. Feel free to reach out.

Blog Posts

Cycle Touring Georgia (Country) 

Often, I hear about cyclists crisscrossing Europe and then exploring Turkey but missing Georgia, and the Caucasus off their list. It’s no lie the Caucasus are an imposing mountainous region likely to strike fear into a heavily-loaded cyclists’ heart. But, sometimes you’ve got to hurt a little to get the rewards. Why Cycle Georgia  Georgia,…

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But is it Safe? – Perspectives From a Solo Female Cyclist

Within the first few minutes of meeting someone the inevitable question pops up, ‘But is it safe to be cycling on your own?’. As the months passed, I was hit with this question again and again. I pondered the correct response, and began to get a bit annoyed with the question. Purely because it’s hard…

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