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Cycle Touring Georgia (Country) 

Often, I hear about cyclists crisscrossing Europe and then exploring Turkey but missing Georgia, and the Caucasus off their list. It’s no lie the Caucasus are an imposing mountainous region likely to strike fear into a heavily-loaded cyclists’ heart. But, sometimes you’ve got to hurt a little to get the rewards. Why Cycle Georgia  Georgia,…

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The Covid-19 Hurdle: My Big Bike Trip De-Railed 

On the 14th March 2020, I awoke to a text message from a German friend cycling a couple of days ahead of me. It read “You had better cross the border to Azerbaijan soon, they’re closing the border today”. This was it, Covid-19 had finally arrived in the Caucasus.   The text message read.. “You…

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Committed to a Route and Met the Mayor by Accident 

Route Planning  Around this point in central Turkey is where the mountains begin to get really serious. I was keen to avoid the really steep mountain areas, but still wanted to take in some interesting parts of the country.   After analyzing the map I noticed the cities of Sivas, Erzincan and Erzurum lay in valleys…

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An Unforgettable Thirty-First Birthday Cycling in Cappadocia 

Infamous Konya  For much of the bike trip I’d managed to keep my mum’s worries abated, but she had become increasingly concerned as a progressed further East. What was interesting was that now, I even had local Turkish people warning me to avoid Konya – full of religious extremists, they said.   It’s true, Konya is…

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Fethiye and a Sharp Left

I skipped the Marmaris peninsula in favour of Fethiye, not sure why to be honest. I decided I couldn’t do both so I opted for Fethiye instead. It’s supposed to be a scenic area and a popular spot with hippie tourists. I did my usual local sightseeing around Fethiye, swam at the beach and found…

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